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Our service could not be more simple to arrange and use.

We encourage you to read our terms and conditions before making a booking.

Step 1:

Add your selected instruction from our online menu to your basket.

Step 2:

From our online diary, please choose a visit date that suits you.

Step 3:

Add your vehicle and personal details, process your booking.

A confirmation of your booking page will pop up on completion, you will not receive an additional booking confirmation message.

Step 4:

Read our prepare your car for a visit page.

Step 5:

On the day of your booking our driver will collect your vehicle between 8-10am and return 3-6pm.

Step 6:

You will be contacted by our office if there are any additional operations or complications to be addressed.

Step 7:

If you've enjoyed our service - please tell your Facebook friends.

Step 8:

If you'd like free MOT/Service reminders for friends and family, please email us their registration number and email address.